Shiro Schwarz: Together/Boogie Ghost

Chicago's Star Creature releases another magical platter of synth boogie from duo Shiro Schwarz.

Funky ’80s synth boogie from the disco machine known as Star Creature. Shiro Schwarz (featured on Star Creature in the past) is a duo from Mexico City. “Together” is magical – like The Revolution fronted by Michael Hutchence and Helene from the BWH Italo classic “Stop.” If I ever get another chance to pick a song for a slow dance at prom, this is what I’d take. “Boogie Ghost” is the first track that made me laugh out loud – it’s just so crafty and mines the world of import 45s better than any Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo throwback or synthwave soundtrack.

Not since Peter Frampton have I wanted to sing along with a vocoder, which I think is a sign of something good. Another wonderful discovery from a label that never ceases to surprise.

[Just a note: Shiro Schwarz will be playing in Chicago April 15 for a Star Creature release party at Hideout.]


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