Specter has mastered the magician’s trick of always leaving his audience wanting more. The Chicago producer doesn’t saturate the market with his sounds, and they’re usually released on labels much more influential than “popular” (in the business techno sense of the term). But you go through them and goddamn are they good and goddamn do they end too soon.

Dreamscape is his latest, an appropriately titled deep house excursion of three tracks that stimulate the senses and leave you feeling hungry for more. “Rolling With Tops” is a lively, buoyant piece, elevated by upbeat synths and Specter’s characteristically warm and intimate feel. Neither this nor “Pitchin Quarters” prepare one for the psychedelic journey that is “Play The Myth.” In the last issue of 5 Mag I wrote about one of my favorite epic tracks of the ’90s from Phil Western and Off and Gone, and this fits right in the pocket with some of those cosmic experiments of the era. Again: three tracks and it whets your appetite for more.

Specter: Dreamscape (Into The Deep / September 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Specter: Rolling With Tops” (5:33)
A2. Specter: “Pitchin Quarters” (7:34)
B1. Specter: “Play The Myth” (8:17)



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