On first listen the Delusions of Grandeur 50th release brings to mind several descriptors like spacey, mysterious, smooth, funky, weird, super sexy, quirky and groovy. After listening a few more times I’d add creeper to the mix because it grew on me like a fungus.

The double vinyl features 7 exclusive tracks, released in two parts over two weeks, with room in the geometrically printed wide sleeve to hold Part Two once it hits. Part One goes for the long grooves with appearances by Nebraska, Ugly Drums, and Session Victim. Basslines feature prominently on Part Two, particularly with songs by Son of Sound, Norm de Plume and Zepp0001. Sebastian Vorhaus & Ponty Mython’s contribution features much less quirk and more sophistication with real instrumentation throughout.

I love good midtempo records and this is one of them. They may not all make it to the dancefloor but they all make for easy and repeated listening.

Out: Forthcoming: Part One/Part Two


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