Walter Jones: Instant Gratification

Walter Jones' Instant Gratification is a sterling collection of disco tracks out of time.

Sleek, gleaming like a hi hat in the purple smoky haze of a club – “Razzamatazz” virtually leaps off the wax on Walter Jones’ new EP Instant Gratification from Whiskey Pickle. You can usually place records fairly easily, even when they’re obvious throwbacks. “Razzamatazz” isn’t timeless – it’s out of time, the kind of track that hasn’t really existed in now or in the distant past. Humming and lurching forward on a carriage of rhythm, it’s absolutely captivating and dancefloor catnip at the right time of the night. “Harmonic Urgency” is no slouch either – a jam band type track that could be looped on two records back to back forever before the neighbors start pounding on the walls. This is a sterling collection of tracks.

Walter Jones: Instant Gratification EP (Whiskey Pickle)
A1. “Razzamatazz” (5:31)
A2. “Harmonic Urgency” (5:55)
B1. “The Grinder” (5:17)
B2. “Making Love” (4:48)


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