Shitmusic aficionados beware: Beatport is going to be the digital reaper of your unsold stock.

Starting in 2019, Beatport will begin a process they’re calling a “yearly storage clean-up procedure.” What that means is they’ll begin selecting tracks from their site that had yet to sell a single copy to prune them from the site.

An alert sent out by Beatport about the new policy was first reported and captured by Proton. Proton reports that Traxsource has “a similar cleanup every 2 years.”

The letter reads that “in the near future, Beatport will begin to delete all releases which haven’t sold any units since the release date. Only content released before January 2019 will be affected at this time. It is Beatport’s intention to engage in a similar clean up process each year, around this time.”

I had always assumed that most tracks sold at least one copy (and according to one study, most tracks sold only one copy) from those Russian and Ukrainian sites that sell copies for a few cents. Apparently even their appetite for shitmusic has its limits.

The procedure will take place later this year.


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