There is entirely too much good music coming from Portugal and Jorge Caiado‘s imprints and efforts as an impresario are responsible for a lot of them.

The latest from his Inner Balance label (affiliated with Chez Damier’s Balance) finds Chicago house legend Robert Owens lending his distinctive voice to “Brighter Future,” a consciously optimistic and consciously anthemic track composed by Belgian producer Gratts as an antidote to the demoralization of our world and the atomization of our dancefloors.

Written in homage to “the best eighties house music tradition,” the original gets turned inside out by Inner Balance’s Jorge Caiado with a lurid and florid deeper-than-deep mix:

Gratts featuring Robert Owens’ “Brighter Future” is out now on digital & vinyl from Inner Balance via Bandcamp.

Gratts ft. Robert Owens: Brighter Future (Inner Balance) Track Listing
1. Gratts ft. Robert Owens: Brighter Future (Original mix)
2. Gratts ft. Robert Owens: Brighter Future (Jorge Caiado remix)
3. Gratts ft. Robert Owens: Brighter Future (New Vision dub)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label & artist.



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