Jeremy Sylvester is Repressing Speed Garage Anthems from MF Project

9-5/Got 2 Have House dropped in 1997 and has become a highly sought-after UKG classic.

Pre-orders are up on a limited 300 piece vinyl run for 9-5/Got 2 Have House, the UK Garage/speed garage classic from producer Jeremy Sylvester.

The original was released in 1997 on Rump Records under one of Sylvester’s more outré aliases, M.F. Project (allegedly an abbreviation of Miles Fontaine rather than the other thing you were thinking about). The dark but irresistibly bouncy EP has been a highly sought after record ever since, with just 1 for sale (for the low low price of $104) on Discogs and appearing on over 300 want lists.

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Pre-orders from Jeremy Sylvester’s Bandcamp page will receive a digital version as well, though there will be no dedicated digital release.

The record is due to ship on or around February 17 2020. It’s available without a subscription to Sylvester’s bandcamp releases:


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Artist: MF Project
Title: 9-5
Label: Rump Records/Urban Dubz Music
Release Date: February 17 2020