Collectors tend to have two lists: wants and haves. Within the wants is a smaller, more elite category – the “really wants,” the records that are buy-on-site and damn the quality. Nat Wendell‘s The Blues, coming this month on Courtesy of Balance, is gonna be in the latter category.

Wendell (whose first record, Theoretics, on Depths of My Soul was profiled here, and who contributed a 5 Mag Mix for us back in June 2018) reaches a new level on The Blues, a new tier of competent production and musical virtuosity. The tracks use a similar palette of sound, so picking through them feels like a chore. All three are worthy of placement on the sublabel of Chez Damier‘s Balance; indeed, with their fusion of dreamy, evocative synths and earthly rooted percussion, they could have been made by the maestro himself:

The Blues is out this month on vinyl from Courtesy of Balance. Preorders have been set up on Juno & other sites.


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Artist: Nat Wendell
Title: The Blues
Label: Courtesy of Balance
Release Date: November 19 2018 (vinyl)