Larry Heard, Chicago Skyway, Malcolm Moore Remix D’Marc Cantu

Very rare that you come across something without room for improvement, a record that feels like any attempt to do so would just shatter a flawless piece of art. Altered Moods’ characteristically classy and tasteful remix EP of D’Marc Cantu’s “S.E.G.” is that rarity. The radiant electronic euphoria of Cantu’s original holds its own against three formidable talents, including a man who has made a good argument for holding a flawless CV himself: Larry Heard. Heard’s “Atmospheric Mix” lulls you in with keys that resonate like the church bells of Jupiter – this easily could have passed for an original composition and would have been classified as another masterpiece.

Malcolm Moore brings a sound that just feels like the voice of Altered Moods itself: a jazzy rhythm section, lively bass, a soulful pulse and sway under the stylized roar of synths and percussion. And Skyway… Chicago Skyway delivers what may be the best and most versatile mix on the record. There’s a point at which praise gets so effusive it’s embarrassing. I may have hit that point. I don’t know what words I have left here to describe one of the best records of 2017.

D’Marc Cantu: S.E.G. Remixes (Altered Moods)
1. D’Marc Cantu: S.E.G. (Malcolm Moore Altered Moods Deep Mix)
2. D’Marc Cantu: S.E.G. (Chicago Skyway Remix)
3. D’Marc Cantu: S.E.G. (Larry Heard Atmospheric Mix)
4. D’Marc Cantu: S.E.G. (Original Mix)

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