Kyle Kim: Lean On Me

With remixes from Richard Earnshaw and Luyo, Double Cheese sexes up the darling Lean On Me from Kyle Kim.

Double Cheese has featured some of the best soulful, deep and tribal tracks in my pack for the last two years. “Lean On Me” comes out of left field – a kind of indie-disco pop spectacular and a really cleverly written song. Korean artist Kyle Kim rolls out a gorgeous melody, a too-cute vocal that sounds like vintage Bjork brought up on Motown and a thick, luscious musical backing band that makes everything else sound a bit canned, a bit thin and a bit tinny in comparison.

The remixes are superb as well, featuring Richard Earnshaw breaking out the acoustic guitar and a shuffling rhythm track to play up the sing-song melody. Double Cheese’s Luyo actually makes an even poppier mix than the original.

This is one of those tracks (Will Sumsuch, who works here, writes them too) that you almost want to “save” from the DJ community. Like fuck your BPMs, pal: Just play it because it’s good and people will dance to it, ok? There’s a huge potential here and one hopes these people aren’t done working together yet.


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