Opolopo, Roy Ananda ft. Sasha Williamson: Transformations

Double Cheese Records is on a hell of a run and follows up eclectic records from Mike Clark, Luyo and Kyle Kim with a Soulful House tour de force.

Double Cheese likely submitted a couple dozen records to 5 Magazine over the years, and I don’t think we wrote about any of ’em until 2016. I have enough humility to say that the error was on this side of the aisle because everything I hear these days is golden. Afro-Deep records from Mike Clark and Luyo, crazy indie pop from Kyle Kim and now music so Soulful that (to steal the motto of Dr. Bob) it hurts – there’s not just pleasing music properly produced and promoted but a kind of palpable vitality here that makes you want to dive in head-first, shove handfuls of the stuff in your pockets and pass it on to all of your friends.

Joining the crew this month is another A&R coup with Opolopo and Roy Ananda featuring Sasha Williamson on Transformations. The original washes over you with a smooth chorus followed by spoken-word style vocals. Larry A’s remix journeys into psychadelic deep funk that feels jagged on the verses but brings it home when the chorus swings around again.


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