Lars Behrenroth has probably done more than anyone else in America to keep soulful house music a going concern, with new acts as well as cross-continental exposure. He has recently been playing around with Bandcamp which is where I found this one. Lars is often the pied piper of new technology in a scene that can become insular and sclerotic and I hope he leads the way on widespread adoption of Bandcamp in the soulful realm too.

“June 13th,” then, is a standalone single and no remixes are necessary. Lars aims for a more metallic, machine-driven sound and still makes it sound as wholesome as a jazz band jam. Buzzing synths wrap around a humming voice and the effect is something out of the more soulful side of Old Detroit, like Eddie and Chez and Stacey.

This is being sold for Name Your Price, which is another innovation that Bandcamp has made accessible to the DJ market. Follow Deeper Shades on Bandcamp (where quite a lot of the catalog is now available) and see what other treasures make it out of the warren.

Lars Behrenroth: June 13th (Deeper Shades Recordings)
1. Lars Behrenroth: June 13th (07:53)


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