Okay, props for having enough humor to go with the obvious title here. With that out of the way, Mexican producer and DJ Macaulay has a sweet four track EP here on Chicago’s Twirl, with remixes by Physical Therapy and Moderna.

“Home Alone” is a driving techno track with a big fat elephant’s foot modulating, orchestra hits and alarm sirens from out of a ravey pre-history. “Home Alone 2” doubles down: this is a choice piece of throwback techno to lighten up your sets. Physical Therapy’s remix is my favorite on the record, nailing that perfect balance between paranoia and euphoria. Moderna is a new name to me, and makes the Physical Graffiti of remixes: broken down to bare bones beats and built back up with the drama of vintage David Christophere.

Macaulay: Home Alone (Twirl)
1. Macaulay: Home Alone (Original Mix)
2. Macaulay: Home Alone 2 (Original Mix)
3. Macaulay: Home Alone (Physical Therapy Remix)
4. Macaulay: Home Alone (Moderna Remix)


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