Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa: Good Vibrations

At long last a song called "Good Vibrations" that DOESN'T rip off Dan Hartman and Loleatta Holloway...

Mark Farina and Homero Espinosa got back in the boat and slay the white whale: they’ve managed to create a track called “Good Vibrations” which manages to sound pretty fly without shamelessly ripping off Loleatta Holloway and Dan Hartman.

An unexpected diversion, “Good Vibrations” is I believe the sixth collaboration between Farina and Espinosa, which has manifested in a series of EPs on San Francisco-based Moulton Music over the last few years. There’s still a luvved-up disco hook to this, soul with strings and skykiting vocals to make dancefloors quake and shake.


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