2016 was the year it started to come together for Javonntte. Everything since then has been a joyride. The guy’s records have circled the world and reached far-flung places, and the best part is that this didn’t happen out of calculation, a reinvention, a musical shortcut or compromise. It’s just work, and letting it all hang out there without worrying about what the fuck a booking agent in London or Berlin thinks about it.

So the A side of The Color of Midnight is Soulful House, of such a high quality that it could serve as a teardown for a masterclass in the genre. Nikki O is not to be underrated here: her voice carries this track and the billing is just right.

“Love Without You” is silky and sensual, the music robust and powerful; “Sweet Midnight” has a bumpin’ vibe that makes it the rare soul track you can bounce in your car in addition to your set. The flipside has a couple of great deep, spiritual dubs of the original mixes.

Nikki O/Javonntte: The Color of Midnight / Ele
A1. Nikki O/Javonntte: “Love Without You” (vocal) (5:10)
A2. Nikki O/Javonntte: “Sweet Midnight” (vocal) (4:45)
B1. Nikki O/Javonntte: “Love Without Dub” (5:11)
B2. Nikki O/Javonntte: “Sweet Midnight” (dub) (5:05)



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