Impressive vocal performance from newcomer KUBA and an energetic remix from PUA. KUBA is apparently a 23 year old artist from the Czech Republic, and your ears must be lying if you can tell that from listening to his smooth delivery in English.

Our promo pool is stacked very high with weak and cheesy “club mixes” of pop and R&B songs. This one is actually really great. Paskal & Urban Absolutes (as “PUA”) are best known for records on Sonar Kollectiv, Compost, and Suol and slick this one up with sensual hissing pads, slow simple chord changes and enough reverb to bounce off every corner of the club. More than looking for indie house cred, KUBA seems to really be part of the movement and makes this one a winner.

KUBA: Pablo (Paskal and Urban Absolutes Remix) (February 21 2020/Digital)



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