Pioneer just released the latest update to Rekordbox DJ software. Rekordbox 4.2.1 is an incremental, deceptively minor update that packs some interesting new features, with a few indications illuminating where Pioneer is taking Rekordbox in the future.

The biggest enhancements here are a set of features designed to make vinyl ripping much easier – two in particular that appear to acknowledge the large and growing segment of DJs that buy vinyl but play digital:

Autostart Record:
Rekordbox automatically detects audio playing from analog sources and begins recording.

Silence Detection:
Rekordbox now detects silence in audio input, and will stop recording and open a new file when audio is detected again. This sounds like it could be potentially problematic, but is intended for recording from EPs or LPs with multiple tracks – a process that required watchful babysitting or manually splitting huge files later on.

The Rekordbox 4.2.1 update also introduces “volume normalization” – auto-analysis and adjustment of new tracks brought down to standard levels. It’s not quite mastering but if you trust it (a huge if), it could make the tedious process of adjusting volume levels ahead of time a thing of the past.

Rekordbox 4.2.1 also introduces RMX Effects – essentially an “in app purchase” for $9.99 if you’re into that kind of thing.

Pioneer emphasizes that Rekordbox is “still free” – an emphasis that makes one cautious that some day it won’t be (for clarity’s sake: there is already a monthly subscription for Rekordbox DJ). You can download it here.


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