Stripped & Chewed was one of those amazing labels that appears out of nowhere and is suddenly everywhere. It quickly became one of Chicago’s most dynamic labels, releasing exceptionally good records powered by a circle of local connections with the people who make, play and sell wax in the city today.

One of the touchstone moments for the label was Garrett David‘s The Queen! Tracks, which took their name after the (then quite young) residency held every Sunday night at Smartbar. The reputation of Queen has spread far and wide since then, helped in no small measure by its association with what became mine and a lot of people’s favorite record of 2013.

It’s 2019 now and time for the follow-up. Stripped & Chewed is back on the scene and slinging a new plate from Garrett, The Queen! Tracks Part 2. The long-awaited sequel is just as outstanding as the original. Javonntte, or one of the many clones he’s synthesized to appear on so many f’ing records in 2019, is featured on “Clap Ya Hands” which you can listen to right now, right here:

Having heard the other three tracks, I can assure you that Part II takes after its predecessor – there’s not an ounce of filler on here. This is a record you’re going to wear out.

The Queen! Tracks Part 2 is out on vinyl August 1 2019. More on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Garrett David featuring Javonntte
Title: Clap Ya Hands (from The Queen! Tracks Part 2)
Label: Stripped & Chewed
Release Date: August 1 2019