#ListenUp: Sir LSG and Melanie Scholtz Offer Up Some Gratitude

More lovely South African House from Sir LSG's Moving Circles LP.

Was it really eight months ago that we profiled South African producer Sir LSG on the release of his full-length soulful house album Moving Circles? Since then we’ve written about two of the singles and the slinky, kinky jazz single “Gratitude” is the third.

Melanie Scholtz makes this track. Well-known in jazz circles, the South African-born vocalist sings with pure conviction over Sir LSG’s deep and restrained beats. Which says something: Moving Circles is a cut above a lot of other dance music albums because it’s made up of songs. Most of them could be covered by performers in other genres and I suspect some of them probably will.

“Gratitude” is out in promo release now from GOGO Music with remixes from MAQman & Jezrael.

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Artist: Sir LSG featuring Melanie Scholtz
Title: Gratitude
Label: GOGO Music
Release Date: Digital, Traxsource Now, Global May 19 2018