alton miller

Fascinating set of tracks from Alton Miller. “More Positive Things” features thick, lustrous instrumentation, a vocal that has the casualness of improv’d scat but a tight underlying structure. The vocals (by Sky Covington, I think, who I’m also surmising is the “Sky” of the title) are light and airy but thrust forth with a strong presence; it’s not until you dig into the instrumental mix that you can really marvel at all the wondrous machinery under the hood that makes that magical effect possible.

“Giant In a Small Land” is a really smooth and laid back Deep House track; “Good To Know You” almost sings the title to you in a melody without words and is maybe the strongest track I’ve heard in this vein in a few years. It’s interesting that he chose not to write lyrics and present a vocal for this one, as the hook is incredibly addictive and has a flair all its own.

Alton Miller: New Peace for Sky (UNKNOWN season)
1. Alton Miller featuring Sky Covington: More Positive Things (8:47)
2. Alton Miller featuring Sky Covington: More Positive Things (Instrumental Mix) (8:47)
3. Alton Miller: Giant in a Small Land (7:06)
4. Alton Miller: Good to Know You (6:51)

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