If you’re a soulful DJ, I cannot imagine any reason why you wouldn’t lead off every set you play for the next three months with “Corazon Angustiado”, the title track of Caswell James’ magnificent slab of soul from Süd Electronic.

Süd is a product of the collision between free radicals Alan Abrahams, Berghain resident Tama Sumo and Uzuri founder Lakuti. Corazon Angustiado has its roots in the same sort of mutated particle energy, featuring Caswell James, Chicago Skyway and Juju & Jordash on the remixes and percussion by Chicago’s damn near legendary congero Joe Rendón – a man that connects this record to Tito Puente, Andy Montanez and the whole world of authentic Latin music and culture.

Juju & Jordash – men of the moment, it appears – bring a sound rippling with plucked strings and an overall effect suspended between organic and electronic – somewhere between a haunting Haïtian kanaval night and the soundtrack for Forbidden Planet. If I ever wanted to drive out to the badlands with some friends, eat peyote and bang on some drums like Oliver Stone was watching, this is the track I would bring with. Chicago Skyway steals the show with a groovy, melodic remix. This wasn’t the sound I expected from everyone involved, but it’s a sound I’d be very happy to see get some serious traction.