Closer To Truth Drops Another Hot Comp

Chapter Four features standbys Alex Agore, J's Gruv and Nicolas Meyer with some new blood.

The madcaps at Closer To Truth have been busy since we last checked in. Today they drop Chapter Four, a seven track EP and the latest in Closer To Truth’s Various Artists compilation series.

Among the heroes here are Closer To Truth stalwarts Alex Agore, J’s Gruv and Nicolas Meyer (with the ultra fine “Hands Jump”) and some fresh meat in the form of a moniker-laden crew, including VR-314, Max Telaer, U@T and Jay Pei.

Chapter Four is out today as a promo exclusively on Traxsource, listen to it here or on Soundcloud.


1. Alex Agore: No Name 9
2. Nicolas Meyer: Hands Jump
3. VR-314: Suppamadness
4. Max Telaer: Something Like That
5. U@T: Love Will Be Here Soon
6. J’s Gruv: At First Sight
7. Jay Pei: All That Funk