Deep Club Drops Occidental and Grey People’s Cop Watch/Trespass

More dope sounds from the American underground.

If there were awards and pensions to be given for services rendered to the American underground, Ryan Scannura and the other fine souls from Deep Club would get them. I have discovered more dope artists via Deep Club than from any other American label. This would be an amicable service if the tracks were merely passable but the tracks stand up and stand out, too. Occidental and Grey People anchor the latest 12″ EP, Trespass/Cop Watch and it’s another revelatory experience. Occidental’s “Trespass Dat A$$” is the one – a techno slow jam, if such a thing is possible, and pairs well with its high octane mate “Trespass (Juss Feel It).” Grey People’s “Intercepting Encrypted Messages” is an homage in spirit of Chicago techno – a minimal, squelchy jam powered by a loud, funky drummer. You can get lost in these.

Grey People/Occidental: Cop Watch/Trespass / Deep Club (Release date: April 3 2019)
A1. Occidental – Trespass (Juss Feel It)
A2. Occidental – Trespass Dat A$$
B1. Grey People – Intercepting Encrypted Messages
B2. Grey People – Cop Watch



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