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There are too many sloppy V/As on wax right now to not appreciate a proper split EP, on which both producers and the label it’s on are in sync. Everything that I love about Chicago tracks is here on one record with strong Chicago ties.

We covered Snad’s “Somewhere On The HIGHway to Chapora” several years ago following a release party at Gramaphone. Snad is now based in Berlin but hasn’t lost the umbilical connection to the city’s soul. “Jargon” is a stripped down track with a pleasant rise in audio stimulation as it goes on. Snad tends toward the more epic side in terms of length and scope and DJs will find plenty of places to blend in and out in these 7 and half minutes. “Urban Decay” hits like a souped-up DJ tool, trembling basslines at a frenzied amphetamine gallop.

Jackson Lee, reputedly of “DJ ICE TITS” fame, of “The DJ Ice Tits Is A Reasonable Person” notoriety, follows on the linguistics tip with the steamy and synapse-popping churner “Syntax Error.”

Snad/Jackson Lee: Jargon/Syntax Error (Deep Club / November 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)

A1. Snad – Jargon (07:33)
A2. Snad – Urban Decay (06:11)
B1. Jackson Lee – Syntax Error (08:13)
B2. Jackson Lee – Clouds of Xeen (05:55)



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