Jamie 3:26: Blessin’

More than 25 minutes of boogie, precision-tooled for DJs and the bin scavengers from Jamie 3:26.

Maybe 10 years ago, there was a whole horde of people in Chicago releasing disco edits at a nearly industrial pace. Jamie 3:26 is one of a handful whose work has consistently stood above the crowd and has attained a next-level tier that has left many in the dust. His notoriety in the last few years has come just the old fashioned way – just good records, on Lumberjacks in Hell, Local Talk and of course his OG Basement Edits series.

Blessin’ is another classic for the bin scavengers: more than 25 minutes of boogie, precision-tooled for DJs who know their crowd and have an idea of what to do with tracks this epic in scale. “Whole Lotta Love” is based on Massimo Barsotti’s cosmically weird 1983 Italo cover of the Led Zeppelin record which survives in many hazy memories of Ron Hardy’s Music Box nights. You’re liable for a series of flashbacks as this nearly 15 minute B-side groover rolls on.

Jamie 3:26: Blessin’ (Gamm)
A1. Jamie 3:26: “Blessin'” (11:24)
B1. Jamie 3:26: “Whole Lotta Love” (Back To The Box edit) (14:10)

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