Count yourself lucky if you managed to get an early earful of this record. I’ve had it for probably six weeks and I’m still running it down to bald and shiny black wax.

Release notes are usually full of shit and this one gives a rather exciting account of the chance meeting between San Proper, Nachtbraker and the latter’s studio console. However they met, some sleazy, sexy and sometimes hilarious tracks came out of the session. I once saw a pilot episode of what was meant to be a modern take on Soul Train, complete with a (now well known) Chicago DJ playing old disco records for what looked like 20 random people picked off the CTA 56 Milwaukee Avenue bus. I don’t know what happened to my copy but I must find it because that freak parade on VHS was the PERFECT visual to go with “Misses madame mademoiselle.” Session Victim remix this into a rootsy tune that scrapes off much of the high weirdness of the original, though San Proper’s rhythmic wails still make odd and timely appearances. “Hamdi” in comparison is what I love from Nachtbraker’s sound: it’s hard, it bangs but it’s so immersed in the best of this music’s traditions that it bangs without sacrificing a single bit of soul

Nachtbraker: Misses madame mademoiselle (Heist Recordings)
A1. Nachtbraker: “MMM” (feat San Proper Elegy) (7:01)
A2. Nachtbraker: “MMM” (feat San Proper Elegy – Session Victim remix) (5:26)
B1. Nachtbraker: “Hamdi” (7:08)
B2. Nachtbraker: “Hamdi” (Bil mix) (5:25)


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