There’s kinds of interesting shit happening under the hood of Nachtbraker’s Pollo Con Pollo EP, which falls just short of having the creative energies to destroy all genres and make a new one in its image. These tracks are eclectic enough, combining crazy elements rarely crossed that a couple more like it and we really will need to come up with a name for this, though. “Gotta Act To React” on the surface bursts with ’70s funk aesthetics, but with this churning, bubbling bass in the undertow that grips you in a truly visceral way. Nachtbraker could have had the whole EP just mix and remix this one over and over again and I’d be okay.

The title track sounds like a steampunk messiah harmonizing with a drill press; “Intermezzlow” is an avant-garde piece from the Harry Parch school of making weird shit weirder; and Intermezzo is the third beater on the album and even more of a labyrinth of arrangements and zig-zags than “Gotta Act to React,” which returns for a dreamy, chilled out remix by Nachtbraker.


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