Got Me Coming Back is huge EP and moves in a funkier direction that Freedom, Nico Lahs’ LP released earlier this year on Adeen. “Got Me Coming Back” is one of those tracky delights that dancers covet and DJs love and finds its way into a multitude of sets for years to come. It’s all slow, steady and sweaty grinding that will raise the dancefloor inch by inch over its 6 minute run.

“Deep Down In My Soul” is what they mean when call it a “basement jam” — I mean the actual basements, the places where you walk downstairs under a funky barbershop with the lights out and hear the best music of your life between the hours of 3am and 5. If making people feel good is your goal, this is an essential tool in your kit.

Nico Lahs: Got Me Coming Back (Delusions of Grandeur / January 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Nico Lahs: Got Me Coming Back
2. Nico Lahs: Deep Down In My Soul 06:08
3. Nico Lahs: Your Sweet Lovin’
4. Nico Lahs: How’s Life?



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