Native Instruments Gets Dirty with the New Crush Pack

Make your tracks buzz, hum, break apart and squeal like a pig (or radio amp).

Native Instruments has released a new line of effects that has to be written in all caps and begs to be shouted from the rooftops.

The CRUSH PACK (see?) is Native Instruments’ latest release, offering “modern twists on the prized tone of early samplers,” such as “the timeless shred of a sophisticated stomp box, dynamic ring modulated sci-fi sounds, futuristic timbres, other-worldly radio broadcasts, and more.”

In plain language, the three effects capture a certain aesthetic of lo-fi, distorted and glitched-out sound which is in fashion at the moment (and which was likely predicted by many the moment digital technology made it possible and simple to capture perfect, clean sound. The same thing happened with the cut/paste and grunge aesthetics in graphic design when desktop publishing exploded in the 1990s.)

Here some videos introducing the three new effects:

Native Instruments’ “Bite” is a bitcrusher and sample rate reducer that “transforms any signal into lo-fi goodness… Recreate the prized sonic imperfections that defined hip-hop and dance music’s first golden era, or dial the bits right down to depth-charged extremes.”

“Dirt” is a “distortion stompbox” providing “flexible signal routing, blending, and other carefully crafted parameters allow a level of control not normally associated with distortion units”:

“Freak” features “frequency shifting, ring modulation and radio modulation techniques” based on “retro radio lo-fi and wild sidechain ability, alongside classic AM, ring mod, and frequency shifting techniques”:

You can download a demo of “Bite” from the CRUSH PACK by throwing your email at NI’s website.