Anytime I see a new Alex Agore release, I make a point to listen to it because he never disappoints. I can’t say that for more than a handful of producers out there these days. His ’90s infused Garage-style House could easily be mistaken for an old Nice ‘N’ Ripe gem from the vaults. Here he drops What Did I Do on Stevie B’s Snazzy Traxx label. Alex delivers a monster feel-good tune with shuffled drum programming, a bubbly bassline, catchy female vocal stabs and some heavenly keys. Remix duties are commissioned to label head Stevie B & the UK’s Lowtone (who has also released some gems on Snazzy Traxx recently). Any of the four mixes here are choice, so you can’t go wrong regardless of the mix you prefer. If you crave old school style UKG vibes, these are the leaders of the new movement you need to be familiar with.



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