Arnheim has a sound that is bigger than the moon, brighter than the sun and powered by an internal rhythm so precise you could set a watch to it. The Journey Is The Place To Be is the title of his new EP on the re-branded Roots Underground imprint, and it’s a wholly appropriate one. Arnheim’s tracks take you places, you close your eyes in the dark and open them to a vista screaming in color, sight and sound.

Jazz is at the heart of The Journey and however far Arnheim strays it’s quickly pulled back into orbit by that supernatural force. “Open Sight On Flightways” leads off with shiny hi hats pacing a rich background for a heart-lifting phrase on the keys. The EP gets deeper as it goes on, or maybe we get deeper into it. Gorgeous vocals and guitar from featured players Vimbai Mango and Andrés Alcover establish a beautiful vibe on “Is There A Way.” “The Time It Hits” is deep house as performed by the tightest jazz ensemble in the city.

Track by track The Journey Is The Place To Be alternately steals the oxygen out of the room and breathes life into it. Arnheim’s music is brilliant.

Arnheim: The Journey Is The Place To Be (Roots Underground / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
1. Arnheim: Open Sight On Flightways (06:47)
2. Arnheim: Is There A Way feat. Andrés Alcover & Vimbai Mango (07:35)
3. Arnheim: Bird’s View (05:38)
4. Arnheim: The Time It Hits (04:36)
5. Arnheim: Singularity (04:17)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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