The legend, the myth, the force of nature Donnell Pitman has been enjoying a renaissance largely due to reissues of his amazing “Love Explosion” single but also because of these dynamite original productions being unleashed by Chicago’s Star Creature Universal Vibration.

And the irony is that the new songs sound like undiscovered old songs – Donnell and the people working with him (in this case, Wings of Sunshine and Liquid Pegasus) have such a deep affinity for the classic material of which “Love Explosion” was an integral part that this sounds like remastered (and much richer in tone) productions from the old school. Aside from the unique nature of his voice, Pitman’s vocals are still oozing with charisma and in a single throw away line (“Joog With Me”‘s “Now you know how we do it” with an even emphasis on every single word) puts on a clinic for young singers. “Old School” produced by Wings of Sunshine is an ode to Chicago and its boogie down party people that will stick in the mind.

Donnell Pitman: Joog With Me / Star Creature Universal Vibration
1. Donnell Pitman – Joog With Me (produced by Liquid Pegasus) (04:08)
2. Donnell Pitman – Old School (produced by Wings of Sunshine) (04:54)



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