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If Drew Sky has ever stopped bringing it, it was a temporary affliction — a few years back he went on a spree of five or six LPs he made with Lester Fitzpatrick on UKR that had an impact you could measure with a seismograph.

MEGA was the latest of four releases dropped in less than a month on Bandcamp by Drew Sky, the veteran Chicago producer and Dance Mania alumnus. “Love Underground” is the kind of simple track you can only make after you made a hundred others. It took a beat surgeon’s steady hands and patience to prime these 7 minutes of slow burning Chicago house. The surge is almost imperceptible if you’re listening casually but on a dancefloor, it’s unmistakeable.

Drew Sky has always been a king of the MPC and using samples to create lucidly stoned, hypnotic tracks; “Dream State” is thus titled exactly right. “Main Thang” is another housequake and “Da Goodies” rounds it out with a funky, sample-driven offering on the altar of groove. Listening to this is fine enough but DJs need these in their bag.

Drew Sky: MEGA (Digital / November 2021)
1. Drew Sky: Love Underground (6:38)
2. Drew Sky: Dream State (7:13)
3. Drew Sky: Main Thang (6:18)
4. Drew Sky: Da Goodies (6:46)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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