Hugo LX has an incredibly live sound and The Free Form EP sounds like it’s been ripped right off the mixing board from some mountain festival grounds. “Freedom House Dance” is a revelation, a complex but tight composition that actually could keep a jazz band occupied in learning its rhythms and secret syncopations.

The lead from this new People of Earth release (previously: Kai Alcé & Alton Miller remix Omar’s Benefit on the same label) picks up a ferocious head of steam and sails through the more “high tech soul” feel of “Catching Thunder” and the integrated tropical highlights of “Gradated Blue” featuring Hermon Mehari. Closing in high spirits are the frenzied jukebox harmonies of the cheeky “A Wave Supreme.” It takes about 30 seconds to recognize a record like this as belonging to some higher realm, and about as long to figure out it’s buy-on-sight because The Free Form EP will sell out as soon as the copies hit the factory floor.

Hugo LX: The Free Form EP (People of Earth / August 28 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1: Hugo LX: “Freedom House Dance” (6:58)
A2. Hugo LX: “Catching Thunder” (5:27)
B1. Hugo LX: “Gradated Blue” (feat Hermon Mehari) (6:45)
B2. Hugo LX: “A Wave Supreme” (6:20)



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