Kai Alce: Movin’ Thru

Two cuts and that’s it, that’s all you need and you’re not going to walk away from this feeling like you’ve been cheated, friends.

Kai Alce is probably making better records than anyone right now, it’s beyond critical mass and this almost casual release shows why he’s still the headliner that puts the rest of your festival headliners to shame.

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What’s that? You discovered Deep House in 2011 when EDM got terminally slap happy and stupid? There’s not a management team in the world that can put the notes of “Just Wanna” together for you and make it seem so effortless, yet so damned effective. It isn’t minimal if it’s got soul – there’s never been a shortage of loops masquerading as songs but the way Kai breaks these down to elementary particles and back up using nothing but emotional delivery and release bears the signs of a practiced hand.

A jazz musician once said that years of study and practice informed him not of what notes to play, but what notes NOT to play – something on display both in “Just Wanna” and “Movin’ Thru.”


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