vincent floyd

I think we may be approaching a point where Vincent Floyd has released more records since his “comeback” (or at least return to the spotlight) than he had in the entire first phase of his career. In terms of making great records (what other terms are there?) he’s likely executed the most successful comeback from obscurity of any of the Chicago House figures that can be counted as his peers.

The appropriately titled Time Machine is up next on Astrolife, a label I’m not familiar with. The name “Time Machine” was earlier mentioned by Vincent Floyd in connection with an abandoned album project from the 1990s; it’s not clear if this is a remnant or new material but if it’s old it certainly hasn’t aged. The original has a vaguely familiar melody backed by Vincent Floyd’s signature moody synths. Sometimes it’s more head-nodding than body-shaking but ultimately it succeeds by power of musical persuasion in seizing control of both. There’s an “outro” by Lola Allen leading into the Side A run-out, and Vincent Inc has a splendidly alien remix on the flip.

Vincent Floyd: Time Machine / Astrolife
A1. Vincent Floyd: “Time Machine”
A2. Vincent Floyd: “Time Machine” (Lola Allen outro)
B1. Vincent Floyd: “Time Machine” (Vincent Inc remix)
B2. Vincent Floyd: “Time Machine” (Kazarian remix)



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