NDATL’s catalog is like a really deep DJ set: you can tell more about music from contrasting one record to the next than you can by listening to them each individually.

Following up on Kai Alcé’s Luv Fantasy and the gorgeous “Build A Bridge” comes a lightning bolt out of left field — the first Claude Young 12″ since 2015. On this EP, The Knife, four tracks of ethereal, sophisticated house stand up with the best of anything released in 2021. The title track runs a simple jazz-step riff in a loop over an invigorating groove. It’s about as close to capturing the spontaneous brilliance of jazz improvisation as you can capture on wax on a deep house record. “Promenade” is just pure soul: instinctual and almost quiet in its approach. I honestly don’t know how these things aren’t sold out before I get to them.


Claude Young’s The Knife is out now on 12″ vinyl from NDATL Muzik.

Claude Young: The Knife (NDATL Muzik) Track Listing
A1. Claude Young: “The Knife” (6:58)
A2. Claude Young: “No Regrets” (7:47)
B1. Claude Young: “Santa Barbara” (7:46)
B2. Claude Young: “The Promenade” (6:13)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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